Luo Lingyuan: Night swimming in the Rhine


All happy relationships are alike, all unlucky relationships have their own misfortune. Following this motto, Luo Lingyuan tells five stories of mostly young Chinese women in Germany: a fashion designer, two students, an employee of a shipping company and an actress. Though they have found a (German) partner, they are still yearning for a fulfilled and lasting love. The obstacles they encounter in seeking a place for themselves in the alien country and society include not only the more or less hidden differences between the two cultures, but also jealousy, infidelity or the reckless egoism of men. Things however do not always stay the way they are. In their pursuit of happiness and self-realization some of the weak and passive seeming women develop unimagined powers.

Aus dem Chinesischen von Axel Kassing. ♦ (eBook) –  ca. 400 pages – € 5,99  ♦  Press reviews


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                   We congratulate: Luo Lingyuan won the Writer in residence Award 2017 of the city of Erfurt.

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