What is a Wall-Tiger?

The wall-tiger, from which our publishing house takes its name, stems from China, bi-hu 壁虎 (literally wall-tiger) being the Chinese expression for gecko. The wall-tiger combines the brisk agility of the beneficial gecko with the beauty and strength of the dangerous tiger.

The Wall-Tiger Publishing House has committed itself to enriching the ever-growing eBook market with fanciful and extraordinary publications. At the same time, literature both from and about China forms the regional focus of our program.

What are we looking for? 

We are always on the look-out for English or German language translations of sophisticated literary or journalistic texts, preferably from China or other East Asian countries. Belletristic titles which have already been published but are currently out of print are also welcome, provided that the original publisher no longer owns the rights to its translation.

Your work/translation has been out of print for years and a new edition is not planned? We would be happy to advise you on how to get the rights of your work/translation back from your old publisher.

What do we offer? 

A stepping stone to the print book market: You only entrust us with the eBook rights of your work/translation, while all rights for print editions remain with you. We conclude a three-year contract with you and then edit and publish your text as an eBook. If you have not yet found a (new) print publisher for your book or translation by the end of this period, your contract with us will automatically be extended for another three years. During the contract period other publishing houses can inform themselves on the WandTiger website about your book, order it and if they are interested – and provided you have given your prior consent – contact you via our publishing house.


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