Luo Lingyuan: The Chinese Delegation


Sanya, a young Chinese guide living in Berlin, is used to difficult tourists, but these delegation members from her homeland put her nerves to the test. On the joint bus tour through six European countries, it is not only mutual prejudices about China and Europe that collide. The different personalities of the group, especially the despotic head of the delegation, Commander Wang, also cause a lot of tension. He wants to use the trip to find a foreign architect for a construction project in China but is more than choosy. Until almost all the group members return home satisfied at the end of the trip, Sanya must use a lot of tactical skill and often bite the bullet.

Luo Lingyuan’s novel, set in the early 2000s, tells about typical misunderstandings and differences between German and Chinese culture in an exciting and at the same time humorous way. But also about the fact that a better mutual understanding is possible at any time, assuming intellectual openness.

(eBook) – ca. 258 Seiten – € 6,99 Press Reviews